Our Mission

Word of Life is a church home where we encounter Jesus, are planted in Christian community, fulfill our purpose, and live out God’s mission.

Our Pastors
Our Pastors

Pastor John & Dr. Anna Morgan

Our lead pastors, John and Dr. Anna Morgan, love the Church and its mission. Together they have a vision to see people encounter Jesus and become planted in Christian community.

John Morgan is a pastor, evangelist, trainer, and mentor. He has committed his life to building the local church as a strong, exciting and vibrant counterpart to an amazing Savior.

Dr. Anna has been in pastoral ministry for more than twenty years. She supports the development of church leaders and is on the executive team at Word of Life Church. She holds a Doctorate in Missiology focused on developing women in church leadership from Fuller Theological Seminary.

Our Values


We follow Christ, his mission and are led by the Holy Spirit. We prioritize God’s Kingdom. We’re leaned in and hungry to know God. We are a church that prays together regularly and prioritizes prayer.


We are one intercultural, multigenerational church with many languages. We value unity in heart and mission, as well as diversity in expression. We value gathering together as one church in one place at one time. It’s where God meets us, heals us, and empowers us for what he calls us to do.


We build upon the legacy of the past without being prisoners of tradition. We honor and learn from the heritage that shaped our church, even as we express our faith in Jesus to engage emerging generations in new ways, styles, and songs.


We live fully integrated in the world beyond our church. We value connection to the world outside our church walls, integrating our faith into family life, our emotional and physical health, our workplaces, businesses, and learning spaces, loving our community well.


We value healthy Christianity and a healthy church. All things healthy grow. Church health is our focus and church growth are the outcome. We are called to represent Christ to our community, and we will see our church family grow as we live out our faith.


We don’t have to do this; we get to do this. We value joy as a fruit of the Spirit. It is cultivated through intentional fun and enjoying life together. We practice intentional gratitude.


We value creativity. Through our creativity, we reflect our Creator. God invites us to dream with him and to express our faith through creative expression.


In our family every member plays a part. We value involvement because Jesus calls us to a life of service. We don’t spectate, we participate. We are not passive, we are active. We own the vision.


We never stop learning. We recognize that God will continue to call us to change and learn until he calls us to our heavenly home. We value a teachable, humble attitude at every age.


We value generosity in our words, actions, time, and finances. We value generosity as a lifestyle, not just an event.


We value integrity and accountability. This means that who we say we are matches up with who we really are. We value being accountable for what we commit to, what we say, and what we do.


We value the prophetic call that Word of Life would be an Apostolic Center. Therefore, we embrace our responsibility to facilitate Kingdom impact locally and globally. We can fulfill that responsibility as we systematically develop and deploy people in their God given call locally and through strategic partnerships globally.

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