Prayer Table

Our Prayer Table team serves alongside with our Hands Extended Ministry team members so our guests can come with their prayer needs after they are served with breakfast.

What we provide: 

Prayer: Most of the men and women have been on the waiting list for housing for several years. Finding a job is difficult, most of them want to work but not many employers are willing to give them a chance. This ministry gives the men and women an opportunity to bring their requests and concerns before the Lord.

Hope and Encouragement: Some of the men and women become very depressed about their circumstances: it is easy for them to give in to feelings of helplessness and hopelessness. We aim to remind them of the love and hope that is found in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Friendship: This ministry strives to extend the Lord Jesus’ hands of caring and concern. Essentially, we aim to be the “Jesus” they can see.

Metro tokens:  We also provide a unique and practical ministry opportunity to bring the Lord’s hope and healing into the lives of our guests by partnering on a regular basis to provide Metro bus tokens. These bus tokens are a lifeline for our guests – they use to look for jobs, make medical appointments, and apply for benefits.

Other practical resources such as: Job listings/fairs, employment training center, list of area shelter and addiction treatment centers and where to launder clothes, to take shower, etc.

We need prayer volunteers!  Every 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month, in the Gymnasium at 7AM

Also, to donate Metro tokens,  click hereNote:  Under “Fund”, select “Metro Tokens”.

For more info: email us at