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The Word of Life Christian Academy (WOLCA) is a purpose-driven school with multi-generational impact and global reach. We are dedicated to equipping and preparing the next generation of leaders to live out the call that God has placed on their lives.


Our school embraces a richly diverse cultural population and is dedicated to providing a high quality learning environment for all. Each child at WOLCA is given the opportunity to meet success and prepare for the future.

At WOLCA, we know that faith is not simply the words that we sing or words that are written on a page.  It must be authentic, and it must be lived out every day.  It is woven through all of the subject areas.  Our character development program is not limited to a specific “program” or special “character development” day or “service week.”  It is who we are.  Our character development and Biblical world view is integrated into everything that we do.  It is something that we live out and impart every day.

Our Mission

The mission of Word of Life Christian Academy is to provide an excellent and sound academic education integrated with a biblical world view of God and the world. We foster an environment that is markedly Christian by modeling Godliness through qualified and spiritual staff and by focusing on student’s personal spiritual growth through integrating biblical instruction across the entire program of study.

We also provide the opportunity for students to reach exceptional academic potential by providing a climate of academic and social discipline and expecting individual excellence in areas of spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical development.  Our rigorous and structured course offerings are designed to allow students to demonstrate higher academic performance levels.

Our Philosophy

The Educational Philosophy of WOLCA is based on a Theo-centric view that all truth is God’s truth, and that the Bible is inspired and infallible authoritative Word of God. Upon this foundation our students will develop a Christian perspective on the total worldview. This philosophy fosters a proper understanding and acceptance of a person’s role in life, all grounded in Christian Principles.

Adherence to this philosophy guides us to promote the highest academic standards while helping students to achieve skills in creative and critical thinking, using the best curriculum available, encompassing Christian integration where possible. The outcome of our philosophy is to channel students to a post-secondary education, whether in college, university, or in vocational training.

The Preschool incorporates, structured, academic curriculum with a development program. Throughout all grade levels, we implement a rigorous, structured, and demanding academic program. We believe that a well-rounded student will demonstrate discipline and expectation in spiritual, intellectual, and physical areas. Therefore, we teach spiritual values in all areas of the curriculum. All activities, both curricular and co-curricular will either facilitate or reinforce this Christian Educational Philosophy. This philosophy mandates that we create partnerships with parents in every phase of the student’s development, always offering assistance in understanding the purpose of WOLCA.

This philosophy of Christian Education for WOLCA shall be the guiding tool for applying Biblical Principles to teaching practices. Any use of materials or practices inconsistent with this Philosophy of Christian Education will not be permitted. The Board shall apply this philosophy of Christian Education in all Board Meetings. All WOLCA faculty and staff members shall apply this Philosophy of Christian Education in their daily work for WOLCA. Employees shall be committed to fulfilling the principles outlined in the Philosophy of Christian Education in every reasonable way possible.

Thank you for your interest in the Word of Life Christian Academy.

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