Prayer Table

Our Prayer Table team serves alongside with our Hands Extended Ministry team members so our homeless guests can come with their prayer needs after they are served with breakfast.  As part of the holistic approach, attending to the individual personal relationship with the Lord as the primary focus, resources can be provided for:  places to provide free meals/showers, laundry facilities and where to get help with housing, employment, healthcare, free legal aid, emergency shelter, addiction treatment centers.

Metro tokens

We also provide a unique and practical ministry opportunity to bring the Lord’s hope and healing into the lives of our guests by partnering on a regular basis to provide Metro bus tokens. These bus tokens are a lifeline for our guests – they use to look for jobs, make medical appointments, and apply for benefits.

To donate Metro tokens,  click here.

Note:  Select “Other Gift Described Below” in the Preferred Designation and write “Metro tokens” in the text box.